Day 15

January 15, 2011

14 years ago my life changed forever.

14 years ago I became a mother.

14 years ago I first felt the pain of losing a child.

14 years ago I held an angel.

14 years ago I had my sweet angel.


Happy 14th Birthday my sweet angel. One day I will get to hold you in my arms again.


Day 14

January 14, 2011

If I knew then, what I know now, my life would totally different!

Day 13

January 13, 2011

I only have one thing to say tonight…

I was born a Scorpio and I will die a Scorpio!

Quit trying to change things that have already been set people!

Day 12

January 12, 2011

I have so much on my mind. But I don’t feel like blogging about it right now. Maybe I will feel up to it later in the week.

Day 11

January 11, 2011


That describes today! It’s going to be cold again tonight into tomorrow.

Day 10

January 10, 2011

Well THAT was a let down!

We got some snow, not enough for my liking though.
Next time Mother Nature, try a little harder!

Day 9

January 9, 2011


It is finally snowing here. I am so very happy!

We haven’t had a lot (maybe a dusting), but heavier snow is supposed to be moving in later tonight and tomorrow.

And then….. the bitterly cold temps come (BOOOOOOO!)

Day 8

January 8, 2011

I’ve been glued to CNN all day. The events of today sicken me. What on earth are people thinking? My heart breaks for the parents of the 9 year old that was killed.

UGH! Just UGH!

Day 7

January 7, 2011

Not a lot to say tonight. I feel like crap and my stomach is churning.

Hopefully a good nights sleep will help!

Day 6

January 6, 2011

Well it looks like Mother Nature listened to me. They are calling for snow late Sunday into Monday. I am beyond excited for the snow. Now the bitterly cold weather, that’s a totally different story!